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"68% of funds lost as a result of a cyber attack were declared unrecoverable."

"Everyday, major organisations around the world experience an average of 20 data loss incidents."

"Ransomware Wannacry affected 3,00,000 computers in over 150 countries"

52% of data security breaches are caused by human error or system failure, scary right?

We protect your business privacy from modern day data breaches.

Studies have found that almost all data breaches in organisations are caused by employees and outside threats.

Time to take back control of valuable business data before it gets into your competitor or third-party hands.

Siccura Protects Your Business Privacy

Here’s why Siccura will protect your business

Centralised Business Management

Manage employee permissions, communications and data through a centralised Administration system.
All sent, received, internal and external communications and data access is determined by Admin controls.
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Business Knowledge Remains with You

We have a zero-knowledge policy. When you set up an account with us, your employee, business communications and data remain in your knowledge only.
All communications and data sent, received and stored on Siccura is encrypted by default through our inbuilt proprietary encryption methods.

Keep Existing Business Email and Data Storage Accounts

Siccura allows you to keep our business email and synchronise your existing cloud storage accounts to the system. Once you’ve synchronised your email, Cloud or local storage drives on the solution all data is protected and secured. Your data can only be read through Siccura and nowhere else, not even the original third party service provider!

Seamless deployment

No additional hardware is required when you use Siccura for business. The Administration easy to use eliminating the training required. Multiple user controls and accounts types lets you easily administer and manage the company.

Built in Encryption and Key Management

The centralised Administration system creates, controls and manages the user encryption keys. With a touch of a button, the Administrator can instantly transfer encryption keys to its rightful users.
All messages and data stored and sent from the system is instantly encrypted and only authorised parties can access and read that data.

Admin System Details

Siccura Business is developed to give businesses the chance to take back control of company business data.

Through the Administration system, businesses can equip their employees with a series of security and privacy tools on Siccura Business.

Each feature is made to safeguard your data and communications from unwanted data thieves, intentional or accidental mishaps caused by employees.

Overall Business Gain

Bring security and privacy back to your business without the need for huge investment or IT security infrastructures. Centralize and secure your business data with end-to-end encryption technology. Siccura Business solution works on Zero Knowledge, which means we have no access or knowledge of your business data. You are the only owner of your sensitive data.

Administrator’s Gain

Admin controls and monitors each employees’ activity. In case of a mishap, Administrators are immediately alerted of unauthorised access to data.

Employee encryption keys remain in the control of Administrators once the employee leaves, administrator can instantly remove employee access to read business data by burning the encryption keys

Password protected communications between employees can easily be opened by the Administrator.

Employees’ Gain

Employees are equipped with additional security features to help them continue to protect business data and communications.

Employees can send password protected business reports, invoices, and even transfer IP data with the peace of knowing their data can only be accessed by authorised readers.

Business Features

Encryption by Default

Important data is protected with end-to-end encryption key to safeguard your business data from middle man attacks. These keys are highly secured, unbreakable and a user will only be able to access once he receives a key to decrypt the data.

Email Security

Emails are the life force of any business communication. Employees share useful data with vendors, stakeholders, customers and internal communication. With Siccura, all business emails are:

Automatically end-to-end encrypted and decrypted only by authorized readers.

Screenshot detection, copy, forward prevention by default. Administrators can grant access to employees to change permissions depending on the contact.

Instant Messaging In A Secure Environment

Stop employees using other instant messengers for business communications and set up specific messaging groups for internal communications.

Secure Cloud Data

Your data is equal to your hard-earned money. Instantly synchronised your existing cloud storage accounts with Siccura. Once synchronised, all files and future files are encrypted and only readable through the system.

Send password protected files and documents to internal and external clients.

Admin’s Security Features

Take Back

  • Administrator/ Siccura Business users can retract messages (Emails, IM, Voice and video calls) they have had with other Siccura Business contacts at any time even if the content has been read

Allow Forward/ Copy

  • By default, as soon as an employee registers onto Siccura Business, they will not be able to forward any communications or data that has been shared.
  • Administrators can permit employees to allow their contacts to forward or copy their communications and data.

Secret Area

  • Provide employees with their own hidden area to store confidential information or files.

Message Lock

  • Provide employees to password protect messages and files that they have received.

Burn Message

  • Give employees the right to automatically delete sent or received messages and files.

IP Block

  • Restrict employees from access the solution when outside the office IP, or only at specific locations. Get automatically alerted every time there is an attempt to log in.

Secure Text Messages

  • Send secure password reset emails or SMS messages to your customers.

Safe Message

  • Enable employees to password protect any confidential communications or data they send across.
  • Administrators retain control by holding master key to unlock every piece of data.

Internet Mode

  • Only allow employees to access their Siccura accounts if there is internet connection.

App Burn

  • Compromised or stolen device, automatically burn the data of your employees account through the administration system.

Protect your confidential business data with Siccura!

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